My name is Vicky Kaderbhai, my last name used to be Seymour but at 6ft tall and a life time of jokes about my height (“Can you see more?” Oh the hilarity), which only intensified when I found myself working in a boys’ school I was only too happy to change my name after marriage, well, kind of.

I am just starting out on my journey to becoming a published author, and I am equal parts terrified and excited. I would say that my style of writing leans towards chick-lit, with a strong focus on friendships, and my protagonists standing on their own two feet, rather than waiting to be rescued.

I definitely work best in complete silence and find myself struggling against my obsession with Gilmore Girls to get focused and actually stay focused. I just really want to live in Stars Hollow! I know it would be healthier and more conducive to my writing to cancel my Netflix subscription but I just can’t bring myself to do it!

After leaving university I worked as a teaching assistant at a secondary school for boys which was most crazy and fantastic experience. After a few years of living in this world I decided that I wanted to become a teacher. Turns out I was wrong and after a year, I convinced my boyfriend (who would later become my husband) to quit with me. We packed up and headed on over to Australia for a couple of years. We used our time brilliantly, living in a campervan for a year, working on farms, living and working in Sydney for six months, working and diving on The Great Barrier Reef, before getting married in a rainforest in Queensland and spending our honeymoon in New Zealand and Fiji. This was without a doubt the greatest time of my life, but I know that becoming a writer is going to just as rewarding.

We’ve now moved back to the UK and are living in Wales by the seaside. Life has a slower pace nowadays, which is what I need to really focus on my writing.

I will admit now that I have a procrastination problem which I’m going to use this blog to help myself overcome. I am going to hold myself accountable and knowing that there are people out there reading my work will give me the push I need to give them something to read!

I’m just getting started, so if you want to join me on this journey please follow me at….