Eek, I’ve done it.  I have finally started writing my novel. It may have taken some time and a lot of faffing about with the planning stage but I can really show people proof of the existence of my own novel. Not that I plan on showing anyone just yet!


Getting Started

What I have struggled with in the past is knowing where to start. I have a million ideas for stories, they’re all half finished in my head, and scattered across various post-it notes and ‘Ideas’ folders on my computer, but none of them have made it into a novel format before.

So this time I decided to tackle it like I used to do, when I was planning a term’s worth of lessons as a teacher.

Now on my computer, in my documents area you will find;

  • A new folder with my novel’s working title.
  • Inside that folder is a folder containing any research I have undertaken.
  • A folder for my planning boards. See the main picture to check out one of my planning boards.
  • So far I have written the prologue and just started on chapter one. For now I am going to write each chapter in individual documents so I can keep track of them and get to them in one click.


Planning boards

I am a visual learner. The chances of me remembering something just by being told it are far lower than if I see that piece of information for myself.

I am also a kinaesthetic learner, which means I like to be hands-on with the subject matter to really feel like I am absorbing it.

This is why I use a whiteboard and pen to write out my ideas. I’m also much quicker at writing with a pen than a keyboard which means my hand can just about keep up with my brain. Something I have struggled with when trying to type my ideas.

So far I have used my white board to plan out the prologue and chapter one. I have also used it to mind map my intended audience and the overview of what my novel is about. I then take a photo of all of these boards to keep as reference for later.

Having all of these things working together, to keep me on top of where I am with my novel, has really pushed and excited me to get going. Breaking it all down into much more manageable chunks means I don’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting any more. I am so excited to get writing every day and it’s an awesome feeling.

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