Right, the husband is off training some people on how to use the awesome new website he’s built them, which leaves me two hours to kill in Conwy. I’ve found a ridiculously cute and cosy coffee shop called L’s Coffee and Bookshop, got myself a green tea (not even close to being my favourite drink, but I fear always picking the hot chocolate option every time I go to a café to write, will screw up my waistline), and found a squidgy sofa. Obviously getting straight down to writing was first up on my list of things to do but this somehow made way to the new exercise chart I’ve just made myself to chart my progress as I aim to conquer my nemesis, Cadair Idris in September.


I have actually walked up Cadair Idris before but it didn’t go well and left me with more than a few mental scars, which saw me boldly declare that I would never walk up it ever again. But I don’t really like this whole living in fear crap and have decided to attempt it again. I’ve given myself eight weeks to do it, which means the date the 16th September is going to be lurking menacingly at the back of my mind for the next two months.

I do think, like walking up Cadair Idris, one of the reasons I procrastinate when it comes to getting my writing is done is good old-fashioned fear. As someone who would prefer to remain in the background, the idea that I am drawn to writing baffles me. Not only do I have to push to get my writing noticed but I’m also opening myself and my work up to being criticised. Seriously who would do that to themselves voluntarily?

I have come up with a plan to make this walk go better than last time. The first time I didn’t prepare at all. I figured it wouldn’t be too bad and regretted that mindset within about the first five minutes as I realised I did not have the right tools; strong legs, and lungs that weren’t close to bursting.

This time will be different. I’m going to hit the gym, do cardio like swimming and running to help my lungs, and work on my leg and core strength to give me the power to keep going when my brain tells me to stop.

This always makes perfect sense when it comes to matters of our physical improvements but I’m the idea that I would need to apply this to my writing came slower to me. Of course it makes sense that I would need to do the same thing for my writing; create a plan, build up my stamina for keeping going, especially when my brain is begging me to stop and put Gilmore Girls on.

The first step is admitting that I need to improve my approach to writing, the next step is creating an action plan. Something that I will cover in my next blog piece so stay tuned.

So here’s hoping that the determination I have for getting up and down that mountain in one piece, seeps over into my writing and I can start to overcome one of the obstacles I face when trying to get my writing done.

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